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Polish contemporary visual artist, seduces us with its graphics, collages  

and paintings. Despite his (still ;) )  young age he has its own distinctive, expressive and recognizable style.  He represents  modern Deer Art style. Bator graduated from Warsaw’s European Academy of Art in 2010 with degree in graphic design. Originally fascinated by traditional graphic forms, he turned his attention to paints and canvas. 

But he still describes himself as a „graphic artist who paints”


In Poland, the popular practice of hangin up painting feauturing a stag

is often derided as the epitome of bad taste in art. Playing with this convention, Bator has made the animal something of a trademark

in his work, in which it appears as a distinctive, often puzzling symbol. According to the painter, the stag is a motif „so anonymous that everybody can see whatever they like in it”.

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